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See Potion OPUS

OPUS is a comprehensive online system which enables Potion clients, production teams and management to interact efficiently and produce the highest quality work. See examples below of OPUS capabilities.

CLIENT DASHBOARD: When clients first login they come to the Client Dashboard, which provides easy access to general information such as their dedicated Potion contacts, invoices and any relevant documents such as contracts or pricing sheets. The Dashboard also provides quick status information on all open projects, and the client can easily access each project from this screen.

STATUS & TRACKING: Clients can track the progress of each of their projects at anytime on OPUS. Real-time status for each item in the project is available. All project related information is also stored here, including instructions and documents. There is also a message board which enables the client and the Potion team to interact directly.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Through OPUS is a sophisticated process - both the production team and the specialized QA team use OPUS to do quality checks on every project, large or small. QA parameters are defined by Potion experts for each project type, and our clients can also add their own customized parameters to their projects.

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