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Potion’s production teams all use OPUS to complete projects. When a new project is created it is assigned through OPUS to the appropriate Team Manager. The Team Manager will use OPUS to allocate each item in the project to one of the team members, based on the skill and capacity matrices that are constantly updated in OPUS. This ensures that each part of a project is completed by the team member with the best set of skills and capabilities for that type of work.

When a production team member is assigned a new item or project, he or she receives an email notification. The team member will then login to OPUS to see the detailed instructions for the project as well as any files related to the project.

After work is complete, the production team member is required to do a first level QA (Quality Assurance) check on his or her own work directly on OPUS. This is a unique process step that Potion includes for all projects which further ensures that work is done correctly before it even goes to the QA team.

Once the production team member has finished the initial QA check and all parameters are met, the Potion QA team is notified by email that the item is ready for them. They proceed with their thorough QA process.

Production & OPUS

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