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Managers & OPUS

OPUS gives all levels of Potion management a competitive edge. It enables our Client Relationship Managers, Team Leaders, and Senior Management to ensure the highest levels of productivity and quality for all Potion projects, big or small.

Client Managers use OPUS to continuously monitor the progress of their clients’ projects. They can easily see real-time project status and they can quickly work with the production teams to address any slippage in schedule or any quality concern.

Team Leaders use OPUS throughout the entire project process. They use OPUS to determine the optimal allocation of work to their team members, using the skills and capacity data on OPUS . For each team member, OPUS stores detailed skill level data, as well as previous project experience. OPUS also tracks available capacity for each team member to ensure maximum schedule efficiency.

Senior Management at Potion uses OPUS on a daily basis to monitor the efficiency and productivity of all operations. Management can use OPUS to get an immediate picture of the performance of each team, the volume of work and the capacity available in the system, and the average turnaround times for each type of work.

Potion teams and team members are rewarded based on the objective productivity data that is available to Potion management through OPUS.

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