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Quality Assurance & OPUS

Potion OPUS ensures quality for every item of every project. Each item must pass through 2 quality checks before it is released to the client. The first is done by the production team working on the item. The second check is done by a specialized QA (Quality Assurance) team. The QA checks are completed directly on OPUS, and extensive QA reporting is available at all times for the client.

Intelligent QA

The criteria lists in OPUS have been developed by experts in each work type. In addition, OPUS automatically refines the QA criteria for each customer and project type over time. If new criteria are added during a project, they are stored in OPUS and applied to future projects of that type with that client.

Create Your Own QA Checklist!

You can even add your own specialized QA criteria through OPUS. Once these criteria are entered, they will be added to the checklist that the production and QA teams use for each item.

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